Additional Requirements for other Visas: These requirements are in addition to those for the base Tourist Visa

Minor Visa (Age 17 and below):

  • Copy of Birth Certificate with both parent’s names
  • Copy of Passport information pages of both parents
    • Parent’s names should be clear and as on birth certificate
    • If any parent has had a name change, proof of name change (marriage certificate, court order affidavit) should be included

Non-US Citizen or not Applying with US Passport:

  • Proof of US Residency:
    • ​Copy of Residency Card or Visa
    • Other Restrictions and requirements may apply

Business Visa: Please note, regardless of the source of pay, length of stay, or if it will be a "hands-on" job or not, it is unlawful to provide professional training, technical assistance or to engage in voluntary work or any professional activities on a business visa. Violators are subject to heavy immigration penalties.

  • Copy of Notarized Business Letter:​ From employer or sponsoring company in the USA, on their letterhead stationery and signed by a senior manager (original signature acknowledged by a notary public from state within Consular Jurisdiction). Please reach out us if you need a template.
  • ​Letter of Invitation: Must provide very specific information, be signed by an appropriate representative of the inviting company or organization, and must be stamped with the company seal.  Please reach out us if you need a template.

​Although visa application requirements can be similar, each case is unique. Many factors, such as purpose of travel, nationality, and US state of residency can all affect application requirements. After our free initial consultation, we can provide your individual requirements in order to complete your visa application process quickly and efficiently.

Vietnam Tourist Visa Requirements

Hierro Consulting is a third party agent of the Vietnam Consulate and authorized to assist with visa procurement in Chicago, Houston, & Washington DC. You may also work with the Vietnam Consulate directly. Please reach out to the Vietnam Consulate, if you do not wish to use an authorized, expedite agency.

HCPVS Service Fees: 
$79.00       2  Business Days Processing​​ (Houston)
$99.00     24 hour Processing​​ (Houston)

(Tourist Visa Processing Requirements): 

  • Completed & Signed  Visa Application Form
    • All sections must be completed or filled with N/A.
    • Please be sure that the name on the form exactly matches the name as on the passport & Driver’s license
  • Two Passport photos (2x2) with a white background
    • Photo must be recent (within the last 6 months) and may not be the same photo as in passport 
  • Original, signed USA passport 
    • Valid for at least 6 months beyond intended stay
    • Must have more than 2 visa pages available 
  • Vietnam Consular Visa Fee:
    • One Month, Single Entry: $70.00
    • One Month, Multiple Entry: $155.00
    • One Year, Multiple Entry:  $195.00

Discounts are provided on groups of five or more. Additional fees apply if application is incomplete, must be corrected, or resubmission is required. Rush fees apply for expedited processing. Please note that all government and shipping fees are additional and not refundable